Purplecrew Ltd.: Location film and video crews for the UK and Ireland
The Pie Factory | 101 Broadway | Salford Quays | Manchester | M50 2EQ | England
Tel: +44 (0)161 380 0075 - Fax: +44 (0)797 088 0720


We have moved

We are very happy to announce that we have moved to The Pie Factory on Broadway in Manchester's new MediaCity:UK complex. Other major companies such as the BBC are soon to follow onto the site. Our new building gives us much more space for a new chromakey studio, offices and equipment storage with all the advantages of having them all in one location.

Who we are

Purplecrew provides professional and reliable crews fast and efficiently. We offer good value, a friendly working environment, low stress and good coffee.

Where we are

Purplecrew are based in Manchester, England. We provide crews throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

What do we do

We can supply anything from a single DV tape to a full 35mm crew on location. Acquisition formats include: 35mm - Super16mm - High Definition - SONY XDCam EX - Panasonic P2 - Digital Betacam - Beta SP - DV - Sound - Steadycam - Jimy Jib.

Greenscreen or Bluescreen Studio
This is a custom built Greenscreen or Bluescreen coved studio with an integral fully fitted lighting grid.

Lighting Hire
From a Dedo light to a 18kw. We have a huge range of lighting on site and ready to roll. All major brands are stocked: ARRI , Desisti, Dedo Light, Kino Flo, Strand, Sachtler and Mole Richardson. Mobile power is available from a range of towable 16kw - 20kw units or 60kw - 150kw chassis mounted generator trucks.

Our latest aquisitions are a range of Mark Roberts Motion Control equipment which includes a compact Motion Controlled pan and tilt head, tracker rig and a nine axis Panther based motion controlled dolly on track with a 2.5m boom reach. All of the motion control equipment is based around the Mark Roberts Flair software system.


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